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Fusion Mineral Paint offers excellent coverage in two convenient sizes that you will use - pint and tester sizes (37mL).  Most furniture paints on the market today are sold in quarts and cost in the upper $30's.  1 pint of Fusion costs less than $25 and is enough to complete most projects saving you money and resulting in less environmental waste. (It's a win-win!)  

Here's a handy graphic showing just how much (or how little) Fusion you'll need to complete a variety of projects. 


Keep in mind that most colors will require only 1-2 coats for full coverage, but whites may require 3-5 coats depending on the original color of the surface you are painting over. 

For example, white over dark wood or black would likely take additional coats to cover.  To help with the transition, we recommend first applying a coat of an intermediate color like Sterling (a light gray) and then applying your final color.  This will help minimize the number of coats required. 

How Much Fusion Do I Need

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