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Design Guide - July 2023 - The Best of Farmhouse On Main Box

Updated: Jul 14

We’re so excited to be bringing back our subscription boxes and know you are too! This box includes everything Farmhouse On Main became known for with a fresh twist- a stunning embossed metal tray in our signature color black, the warm texture of a classic carved wood vase, a complimentary farmhouse white vase, incredible greenery, bead garland and of our course, buffalo check. But before we take a deep dive into some of the ways you can style your new goodies, let's take a quick moment for story time because what would a design session with Kate be if it didn't include at least one funny story.

If you missed our latest email, then you missed the story of what almost became one giant disaster just days before our family left for Disney. You see, I'd spent the early weeks of June working with our vendors to try to get everything delivered two weeks ahead of schedule so I could get the first box into your hands at the beginning of July instead of the end like we'd originally planned. After a few phone calls and lots of planning, all of the new product started to arrive and things were looking good. Fast forward to the last batch of boxes we unpacked...the pretty farmhouse white vases I had handpicked out for y'all were pink! Actually, they were more like a hideous salmon color. With each box we unpacked came more fish colored vases. Wah! Luckily, our vendors are awesome and I was able to find a replacement that was even better than what I had originally picked (that's why the picture on the notecard in your box shows a different vase than what you received). The big bonus are those pretty embossed cows- I just love that added non fussy subtle detail. And, as a thank you to y'all for all your understanding and support, we included the matching mini vase with embossed chickens as a freebee. I love them paired together in the tray as charming simple decor in a kitchen (see picture below). I added faux hanging bean succulents, but you could use any greenery you have on hand.

While the items included in your first box were selected to compliment each other and create one complete design like a centerpiece on a coffee or dining table (see picture below), they can also be split apart and used individually throughout you home.

For my fellow maximalists out there, you can also include your complimentary mini vase and some additional greenery into your design (see picture below).

If you decide to split up the items into different design vignettes, the options are practically endless but I've included a few of my favorite ways below. I loved pairing them with other complimentary items to create the console table display below.

The above console table design used all of the box items with the exception of the sweet freebee mini vase and that gorgeous embossed metal tray. I included two wood candle holders to add some warmth and turned those remaining items into a simple table centerpiece as well (see picture below).

The black tray is probably one of the most versatile pieces in the box. Not only is it a fresh unique take on the classic farmhouse tray, it is also metal making it easily wipeable and the perfect addition to a kitchen or a bathroom. I used it to hold cannisters in my kitchen and I'm so smitten! (see picture below.)

We can't wait to see how you use all of these pieces in your homes. Tag us on Facebook or send us an email or message to share your creativity. And, as always, if you have any questions or need some design advice feel free to reach out. It is my great joy to help you create spaces in your homes that you love and deserve. Happy decorating!

Love, Kate

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